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A secret world of fidget spinning masters, where anything is possible. Where teams battle it out to be the best. Where the truly great are rewarded! And no one knows that twelve-year-old Elijah is about to turn everything on its head. Not even Elijah... Read itLearn More

Choose Your Own Story?

Choose Your Own Story books are unlike any other book you’ve ever read, because in these books, YOU, not the author, decide what story you read. Every couple pages, you will be given two or more choices about what will happen next. Tap the choice you want and the book will take you to the page where YOUR story continues.


Different Endings?

Each Choose Your Own Story book has more than twenty different endings! Some will be good, some will be bad, and only a couple will get you to the end of the book and take you to the sequel. This makes the books so great to re-read, because you can always find a new story you haven’t read before. There is so much to explore!

Who is John?

My name’s John Diary, and I love games. PC games, console games, board games, RPGs.  I even love tag. When I sat down to write a book, I asked myself, ‘Why can’t this be a game as well?’ I’m a teacher in Ottawa, Canada. On the weekends I climb mountains, sleep in caves, and write books!

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