Fidget Spinner League

The perfect story for the fidget spinner lover! A tale of terrific tricks, tremendous teamwork and troubled friendships. Let your imagination dig into the secret, underground world of fidget spinning competitions, where people aren’t valued by their age, their looks or their friends, but by how awesome they can spin.

Elijah didn’t do well in school. He could never focus. His brain was always wandering off to fantastic places and his parents were always whispering about diagnoses with lots of letters in them… ADD, ADHD, ADHXYZ…

That was just the way it was, until the day his babysitter, Sandy, had an idea. She gave him one of her fidget spinners and suddenly everything changed. With it zooming between his fingers he could think clearly. He started spinning it in class, getting better and better with it until Sandy noticed him spinning it one day. She invited him to a mysterious event that weekend. Elijah walked down into a dingy church basement and saw the most wonderful thing in the world: Hundreds of people all gathered around a stage. Hundreds of people just like him: fidget spinner lovers! But unlike him, each of the people on stage could perform the wildest tricks and maneuvers with their spinners. They were all competing against each other to be the best fidget spinner! Elijah settled in to watch the show, but there was something that he didn’t know. Sandy didn’t just bring him there to watch… No, she had so much more in store for him.

Fidget Spinner League is a great read alone book for kids seven years and older, while fidget spinner lovers of any age will like the story! Read aloud to younger kids who aren’t ready to tackle it alone yet. Reluctant readers will excitedly engage with a story about the things they love, a story written just for them!

Keep your eye out for the sequel to Fidget Spinner League, coming out later in 2017!



Sandy reached the bottom of the steps and then glanced back up at Elijah with a smile.

“You excited?” she said with a grin so wide that it threatened to crack her face in two.

Elijah didn’t answer, he just kept staring through the door. The first thing that he’d noticed about the room on the other side was that it was packed with people. And the second thing he’d noticed was the three pronged banner that was hanging over the stage at the far end of the room. Elijah knew the shape well. It was a fidget spinner.

‘Could it be…?’

His curiosity drew him even closer. Tiptoeing down the steps he rushed past Sandy and Bentley who were watching him and plunged into the room that was full of people and loud, thumping music. Tables lined one side of the room with officials in matching blue shirts sitting at them. On the wall behind them, there were a number of papers posted up that the crowd was investigating thoroughly. There was activity on the stage as ten people filed in and took their seats on either side of it.

But none of that was what grabbed Elijah’s attention. It was the large letters on the front of the stage that drew his eyes.


“What the—” Elijah started. He spun around to find Sandy. She was right there. “Sandy what the heck is—”

He didn’t have a chance to finish the sentence. The lights dropped, plunging the room into darkness except for the stage which was suddenly lit up by a couple high-powered beams. The room only got louder as the crowd whooped and cheered. A man, well a teenager really, with a megaphone took to the stage and after a couple crackles and cracks his artificially booming voice filled the room.

“Welcome Fidgeters and Spin-aholics! To Toronto’s one and only Fidget Spinner League! You are lucky enough to be here for the tenth and final night of our season. The teams that you’ll see spinning it out on this stage are competing for the chance to play in the finals that will be held next month! Mark my words folks, not only will you see a couple ball bearings break up here tonight, a couple hearts will be breaking too.”

There was a sad silence that lingered over the crowd. Elijah was totally engrossed.

“But,” said the teenager with the megaphone, “that’s only going to make the spinning better!”

The crowd roared and Elijah made a ‘whoop’ noise without even thinking about it.

“First up we’ve got the Silicon Cyclones against the A.D.Demons. The winner will make it through to the finals. LET THE SPINNING BEGIN!”

Hollers filled the air as the teenager scampered off the stage and one member of each group sitting at the edges of the stage stood and strode slowly to the centre. Each was holding a spinner tightly in their hands. They gave each other a stern look, up and down and tested out their spinners with a couple quick fidgets.

Elijah turned and shouted over the bubbling crowd. “Sandy! Is this really real?”

She was looking at him with her characteristic eye sparkle. But she didn’t answer. She just pointed over his shoulder back at the stage.

The match had started while Elijah was looking around. Loud electronic music filled the air and one of the competitors was at the front of the stage with a blur of metal and plastic in their right hand. With a jerk and a swish it was in their left hand.

A couple claps spluttered from the crowd, but Elijah was amazed. He couldn’t believe what he’d seen.. He thought he’d seen Sandy do the same trick, but this time, he knew it was real. It had happened. He hollered and screamed and people nearby glared back at him. The fidget spinner then zipped around the competitor’s back and was switched to their other hand again, passed under one leg and then balanced just on one finger.

A couple hollers yelped up from the crowd as the competitor backed up and their opponent took the front of the stage. She was a tall teenager with a pretty, pimpled face. The way that she was biting her lip, Elijah could tell that she was nervous. But then she flicked the spinner in her hand and the worry evaporated from her face. The spinner was flying faster than Elijah had ever seen. She pinched it between two fingers and then, slowly, took one finger away so that it was just balanced perfectly on her thumb.

Elijah clapped, but the rest of the crowd was unimpressed. They’d just seen the same thing from her opponent. Sandy giggled at Elijah’s enthusiasm.

She glanced out at the crowd and seemed to make perfect eye contact with Elijah, then she raised one eyebrow, brought back her thumb and punched it into the air. The fidget spinner was sent arcing through the air. Silence gripped the hall and then the fidget spinner came down and… landed. Right on her pointer finger. The crowd erupted with cheering and she leaned back happily. Her opponent took the stage again and did some tricks, but nothing could match what she had just done.

After each competitor had gotten the chance to perform three times, the music ended and the announcer took the stage again.

“We’ve seen the show, now you decide,” he said. “Remember, this is a big responsibility. The most important rule of fidget spinning is for the audience: judge fairly! Don’t vote for your friends or for the team you want to play or even for the player you have a crush on. Cheer for the spinner that you think was the best!” The tall teenager blew a kiss to the crowd and everyone laughed.

“Let’s hear it for Gary from the Silicon Cyclones!” the announcer called and the first competitor stepped forward, raising his hands in the air. People cheered from the crowd, but Elijah kept his mouth shut.

“Okay,” the announcer said. “And Laura of A.D.Demons?”

The tall teenager stepped forward and the cheering was deafening. It was so loud that Elijah couldn’t even hear himself screaming.

“That does it,” the announcer shouted. “One point for the A.D.Demons! Next round!”

As the competitors rearranged themselves on stage, Elijah turned to Sandy and breathlessly shouted. “This place is awesome! You’re not terrible at surprises.”

Sandy, and Bentley beside her, started laughing.

“Glad you like it,” she said, “but we’ve just gotten started.”

“There’s more?” Elijah said like a kid on Christmas morning.

“We’re not even done the first match yet!” Sandy screamed back as the music started again.