Choose Your Own Story: Sneezy Steve and the Best Quest Ever

From best-selling children’s author, John Diary, comes the heart-warming and gut-busting tale of Sneezy Steve. He has just spawned in the world of Minecraft with nothing: no memories, no items and no clue what to do next. The only thing he does have is a mysterious photograph in the bottom of his backpack. 

What happens next? I can’t even tell you, because in this Choose Your Own Story book, YOU are the author, you get to decide what happens to poor little Steve.

Will he ask a sheep for directions? Will he be best friends with a plain old block of dirt?

Maybe you’ll help him and get him to make a pickaxe and go to the nearest village for aid…

Or maybe you’ll not be so helpful. If you want to turn him into a zombie… you can. If you want him to crawl inside a wolf den and pretend he’s a wolf… you can do that too. If you want him to steal sheep and diamonds and everything he can find… that’s also a possibility. But you get him stuck in an unbreakable obsidian prison forever.

The only thing I can tell you is that whatever way the story goes, you’ll love it, because you’re the one who chose it! Don’t bother with those books that always have endings you don’t like. With twenty-three different endings, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you!

If you’re smart, and know your Minecraft you might be able to get Steve through to one of the three happy endings the book has to offer. Can you do it?

Sneezy Steve and the Best Quest Ever is a great read for any kid eight year of age or older. This story has all the imaginative charm of a children’s classic, complete with a focus on positivity, emotions and relationships, while being packaged in a fun video game world that kids love. The interactive adventure style is great for reluctant readers. When a book is a game, it’s hard to put it down. 





That was a big one.

Maybe the biggest sneeze Steve had ever had.

If sneezes were animals then this was the blue whale of sneezes. Except it didn’t have like fins or a blowhole or a tongue the size of an elephant. It was just a sneeze. You get what I’m saying…

Steve slowly opened one eye and then the other. A cool breeze brushed past his face as he looked out to the horizon and saw something very strange. The mountains in the distance ended all of a sudden, like they had been chopped in half by a mountain-sized knife.

Steve could see underground even! Far away lava flowed in these giant empty pits in the ground and Steve could see caves deep beneath the earth and in the bellies of the chopped in half mountains.

Steve blinked, unable to believe his eyes. And when he opened them again, everything looked normal. It was almost as if he’d caught the world with its pants down and when the world noticed he was looking, it fixed everything really fast. The world must have been very embarrassed.

“Did I imagine it?” Steve asked no one in particular.

No one in particular answered.

Instead of giant pits and cut-in-half mountains, there were cheery fields around Steve now. A forest that looked half-scary, half-exciting sat on his left and on his right some wise-looking mountains reached up to the sky, tickling the clouds.

“Hello world,” Steve said. “Sorry about surprising you.”

Wind blew through the trees and the sun shone brightly. Steve was pretty sure that was the world saying ‘hello’ back.

“Hello trees and hello grass. Hello water and hello hills.” Steve looked down at a block of dirt that was sticking out of the ground near his feet. “Hello block,” he said.

The block of dirt didn’t say anything.

“You’re shy, that’s okay,” said Steve.

He punched at the block of dirt, digging it out of the ground. “Come with me block,” he said. “Blocky… that’s what I’ll call you.”

He put the block lovingly in his backpack and as he did, he noticed there was something else already inside the very empty pack: a picture. A picture of a girl. She had a red pony tail and green eyes that matched her green shirt.

Steve looked at her. She was very familiar. He didn’t remember exactly who she was. Actually, he realized, he didn’t remember much of anything. It was almost like he was just born a second ago when he had sneezed. Before that… well… there was nothing at all.

“But I couldn’t have been born a second ago!” shouted Steve. “Because, I have this photo.” He held it high above his head, waving it at the sky.

“I do have a past,” he said, looking at the girl in the photo. “I just have to find her.”

Steve looked up. She wasn’t in front of him. He looked behind him. She wasn’t there.

Left? Nope.

Right? Just a tree. Steve squinted at the tree and then at the photo again. He shook his head. No, she wasn’t a tree. Had to make sure.

“Well, Blocky, the world seems pretty big. Any idea what we should do next?”

Judging by its silence, the block of dirt in his backpack didn’t have any ideas. Steve was going to have to figure this out himself.

What happens next?

“Oh, Blocky!” Steve said, “I know, we should probably build something! Like a tool. Maybe a pickaxe!” He didn’t know where the idea had come from. It was almost like he’d done this before.


In the distance, something white caught Steve’ attention. It stood out because it was not grass or a tree or a mountain. It was a sheep! “Oh Blocky! We should go talk to that sheep! Maybe she can help.”