Choose Your Own Story: Wendigo’s Wizarding Academy

A school full of magic, intrigue, fast friends and sly enemies. A somber mystery runs through the corridors, teenage drama plays out in the dormitories, and bizarre sports rage on the rolling fields…

…and YOU are in the middle of it all.

In this Choose Your Own Story book, you make the decisions, and you get to go to Wendigo’s Academy for young witches and wizards. If you have always dreamed of receiving an invitation for a mysterious school of witchcraft and wizardry, this book is your dream come true.

Your decisions will influence the house that you are sorted into and the friends you make. If you’re smart enough and brave enough, you can save the school, and maybe the world. Or maybe you’ll decide to join the other side and rise to power in the shadow of evil. Or forget all that serious stuff and prove your skills on a broom. The important thing is that in this book, it’s all up to you. There are 53 endings to choose from and hundreds of stories to tell!

Wendigo’s Wizarding Academy is the premiere school of wizardry in North America. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, the crooked, old castle is only accessible by airship. The ancient school has three houses named after the mythological creatures that live in and around the castle: the free-spirited Satyrs, the loving Unicorns, and the prodigious Jackalopes. It’s magic-soaked halls are full of adventure and treasures to find. Students can always be seen on the fields outside, playing Zithur, the school’s favourite game. To play it, one needs three teams, a full set of broomsticks, a winged toad, four flying ferrets and one mysterious golden box, called the Zithur.

A perfect book for fans of Harry Potter and The Royal Institute of Magic.

Wendigo’s Wizarding Academy is a great book for any kid, or kid-at-heart, ages 9+. It will be a memorable experience for any reader and is also a great book to read together with younger kids. You can decide on each choice as a team! Interactive fiction, like this book, is a proven way to entertain reluctant readers. This book is not just a book, it’s a game. It makes the reader part of the story, which makes it impossible to put down.

What are you waiting for? Read it now!




You feel your mother’s hand on your shoulder. It’s shaking.

The person ahead of you at the check-in desk finishes and now it’s your turn. Your mom and dad drag you forward toward the terminal. Your dad hands over a small piece of paper to the clerk sitting there and with a wobbly voice says, “My child is flying. We need the boarding pass.”

The clerk, a large man with large lips, looks at the ticket that your dad has given him and you hold your breath. It isn’t a normal plane ticket. It’s this elaborate piece of purple paper, with actual gold leaf lettering and decoration. The only writing on it says: “ONE AIRSHIP RIDE TO WENDIGO’S WIZARDING ACADEMY.” Your name is printed in careful handwriting at the bottom.

The big-lipped clerk squints at the ticket. Is he just going to throw it out and laugh at you?

“Mmmm,” he mumbles, making a sound like the furnace turning on, “yes, the 3pm flight to Atlanta.” He prints a ticket and hands it to you. “Gate 32. Through the lobby and and take a left. NEXT!”

You take the boarding pass, and follow the man’s instructions through the airport to Gate 32. When you get there, it is very closed. There is caution tape up all around it and big wooden barricades saying “UNDER CONSTRUCTION”. A wooden door, cut into the barrier, hangs open. You can only see shadows behind it and the faraway sound of wind.

You look back at your parents. Your mom kneels down, puts her hand on your shoulder and says. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Do you head through the shadowy door or do you turn back now?