Choose Your Own Story: The Minecraft Zombie Adventure

You wake up as a zombie, in the world of Minecraft! You can only make weird grumbly growl noises and hold your hands right out in front of your face! How did this happen?!

Will you try to get home? Or enjoying scaring all the puny players? It’s all up to you in this Choose Your Own Story book. You get to decide how the story goes, so it will be the most exciting story ever!

Each section of the book will offer you a couple choices about what you want to do next. As you make your choices, your experience of reading the story will be different from everyone else’s. There are 25 different endings to discover and only some of them will take you to the sequel.

Are YOU smart enough to make all the right decisions and find your way to the end? Well, prove it!

Or maybe you just want to make all the WORST decisions and see what sort of trouble you can get in. It’s really up to you!

Make friends with mobs, terrorize the players, maybe protect them, and discover the secrets of the world of Minecraft in this brand new book! You will never have read a book like this before.

The Minecraft Zombie Adventure is a great book for any kid ages 8+. It will be a memorable experience for any reader and is also a great experience to read together, deciding on the choices as a team. Interactive fiction, like this book, is a proven way to get reluctant readers into reading heavier fare. It’s always exciting because there is always something for the reader to do.

What are you waiting for? Read it now!




You wake up, and stretch your arms.

“EaaaaaaaUgghhhhh”, you say. What? That’s weird. Also your hands are stuck up in front of your face as if you were doing a Frankenstein impression. You can tell this is going to be one of those days.

You try again. “RaArrrrrrrrgh”, you hear yourself say. Wow, you must have a cold, because you sound like your dad. Your dad when he wakes up in the middle of the night.

And your hands, by the way, are still sticking right out in front of you, they won’t go any higher. You’ve never liked mornings. This morning is not changing that.

You sit up on the bed and look around. Your eyes must be blurry, because everything looks kind of blocky and pixelated. It’s probably time to start the day.

Do you want to go to the bathroom, or try to get back to sleep?